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We help you resolve health problems | Prana Matsudo Acupuncture Clinic

Prana Matsudo Acupuncture Clinic is a holistic acupuncture clinic in Matsudo, Chiba, focused on achieving each patient’s health and wellness naturally through an acupuncture. we work with you personally to restore your body to a natural state of health. Through comprehensive consultations, quality treatments, and compassionate care, we help you resolve health problems; be pain-free, relaxed and de-stressed; and enjoy a renewed vitality for life.

Acupuncturist: Hidehiko Inamori

I have been an acupuncturist for 20 years in Matsudo, Chiba.
If you want to be pain-free, relaxed, de-stressed, you must come!

JR Musashino Line Shin-Yahashira station or Shin-Keisei Line Yabashira station (3 minutes on foot)

This is just outside of the ticket gate of Shin-Yahashira station.
Turn right once you go through the ticket gate and go straight on.


You can see the south exit of Shin-Keisei Line Yabashira station.
Keep straight on.


You can see “au shop” and Seven-Eleven.
Keep straight on.


Keep straight on.


Go along the street.


Go along the street.


You can see a road, and cross the road.


then turn right, and go straight on.


You will come into view a building.


Prana Matsudo Acupuncture Clinic is in this building.


The room number is 505.
Please push the buttons like this [5] [0] [5] [呼出], and use the elevator to go to the 5th floor.

First visit        10,000 yen(60 minutes)
Return visit      7,500 yen (45 minutes)

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